• Full HD Images

    Stunning Full HD Images. Try the best digital jigsaw puzzle app ever!

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  • Neat & Clean Play Area

    Neat & Clean game playing area with puzzle piece tray!

    Jigsaw Puzzles Collection offer you an neat and clean game playing area with puzzle piece tray. Now play a game with multiple amazing options like Ghost Image, Preview Image, Show only Edge Pieces, Move all scatter pieces in tray with single command

    You will also get some optional game powers like Magnet Connect, Square Connect, Row Connect and Column Connect.

  • Create Your Own Puzzle

    Create puzzles from your own photos!

    Enjoy and create puzzles from your own photos. Now you don't have to miss fun to convert your own photo into an amazing jigsaw puzzle.

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  • Beautiful Themed Images

    A wide variety of beautiful themed images!

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  • Beginner To Expert

    Beginner To Expert: choose number of pieces with or without rotation!

    Jigsaw Puzzles Collection is great for puzzlers of all ages, it comes with 10 Difficulty Levels (upto 525 Pieces on iPad & 340 pieces on iPhone) and with optional rotation mode to rotate your pieces.

    Now start with beginner and become an expert in puzzle solving